Integrate sustainable investing into your portfolio

We help you see how Environmental, Social and Governance factors play out in the markets, so you can start investing in your vision of a sustainable future.

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Powerful Woman
A platform to make the data & knowledge needed to make values-based investments accessible to all.
Unify News
Sustainable Investing Means Money For Travel
Forbes: Hawley is disrupting the financial industry by providing sustainable investing opportunities to individuals.
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This Guy Bought Tesla Early
UnifyImpact signs the UN Principles for Responsible investment, joining worldwide sustainability movement.

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Decide What Matters

Choose what impact you want to make with your sustainable investments.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Learn how Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors play out in the stock market.

Harness Your Power

Portfolios that consider ESG factors can outperform ones that don’t—track companies over time in your personal watchlist.


We show the whole truth about companies, starting with sustainability.

Unlike other data companies, we bring the good, the bad, and the ugly of sustainability performance to the surface.

We dive deeper than company disclosures—acknowledging news, controversy, and social media response—and uncover the discrepancies between reporting and behavior to provide relevant data.


We work for you. Not the companies you’re investing in, major asset managers, or institutional investors.

Our mission is to take the tools from those big money players and give them to independent, individual investors.

We don’t tell you what to value.  You tell us and we help you find investments that reflect YOUR values.

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You don’t have to be a statistics pro or a financial expert to take this information and turn it into informed decision making.

Our data is organized based on what you care about and is easy to understand and apply.

In a glance you can see a company’s strengths and weaknesses and compare them to financial performance to start thinking about which companies are working towards building the future you want to live in.


“I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance”
Larry Fink
CEO at BlackRock
“We continue to believe that ESG factors and corporate responsibility are critical to long-term value”
Rick Lacaille
CIO of State Street
“More and more, ESG is becoming integral to driving our client engagements.”
Michael Baldinger
Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at UBS

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