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A platform to make the data & knowledge needed to make values-based investments accessible to all.

UnifyImpact Launches New Fintech Platform Empowering the Next Generation with Data & Knowledge Needed to Make Values-Based Investment Decisions

New Web Application Gives Independent Investors Access to Sustainability Data, News and Company Information to Help Align Personal Values with Long-Term Financial Planning

NEW YORK – Sustainable investing has the power to change the world – and it’s easier than ever before.  UnifyImpact has officially launched its unique web-based application, making data, news and sustainable investing strategies accessible to individuals across the country. Designed for both novice investors and seasoned investors who are new to sustainable investing, UnifyImpact maps complex environmental, social and governance (ESG) data into recognizable categories to help members align their investments with the values they care about most.

As sustainable investing grows in popularity, research and market trends have shown portfolios that consider ESG data can outperform ones that do not. The correlation between ESG and financial performance is growing stronger, suggesting companies with strong ESG performance more effectively plan for the future, navigate crises and manage a healthy, productive workforce. For investors, focus on sustainability can reduce risk, which can lead to long-term financial gain and peace of mind.

“Sustainable investing is more than a strategy, it is a movement,” explained Mary Ann Hawley, Founder and CEO of UnifyImpact. “With our new app, we are taking tools created for institutional investors and repurposing them to empower individuals—people like you and me. Deciding where you put your money is a way to decide what impact you want to have on the world.”

UnifyImpact works with leading data providers Xignite and Sensefolio to create proprietary metrics for sustainability performance and compare them to financial performance. The ESG data is created using an AI-powered algorithm, which scans company disclosures, media response, social media controversy and NGO research to add layers of accountability to corporate reporting. Whether members are interested in investing or simply making mindful purchase decisions, the UnifyImpact app helps them get transparent information about the companies they are interacting with.

“My dream is to give UnifyImpact members the tools to make demands of companies they invest in, collaborate with others who share their values, and use their collective voice to drive change.  At launch we are starting with transparent data to help members make informed decisions. We give our members the tools they need to take charge,” added Hawley.

Upon sign-up, UnifyImpact walks newly enrolled members through the process of customizing their profile by selecting their top sustainability priorities, or ‘Impact Values.’ A new member might select: Climate Change, Natural Resources, Labor and Diversity, for example. This becomes the organizing principle for their learning experience in the app. Companies can be added to a ‘Watch List’ to track performance over time. Toggling to the ‘News’ tab lets members read news corresponding to their Impact Values or the companies on their ‘Watch List.’

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More about UnifyImpact

UnifyImpact is a platform designed to help individual investors make sustainable investment decisions. The web-based application rates public companies based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to help investors make informed decisions that align with their personal values. Members can create a profile based on values that are most important to them, track the progress of companies they’ve invested in and read up on news based on their investment portfolio. Sign Up For Free to get started!


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