What is ESG?

Sustainable investing strategies consider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors as part of a stock’s performance.

In the past, ESG factors were considered non-financial. Today, market trends show portfolios that consider ESG data can outperform ones that don’t.

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Sustainable Investing Fashionista
Industry leaders agree: adding ESG to your investment strategy helps reduce risk. Especially in the long-run.
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How Do I Take Charge?
The first step is to unpack your portfolio. Take a company-by-company approach to decide what impact you have.
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Next Year Will Be Better Than Last Year
Sustainable investing is a way to claim ownership, drive the markets, and make corporations accountable to you.


Thinking Long-Term

Every company has an ESG story to tell. Companies can be strong in one area and weak in another. When the financial analysts realized investors were interested, they started tracking ESG performance.

Defining what goes into each category (E, S & G) is not simple, but overall, data is beginning to show there is a correlation between ESG and financial performance.

Companies with high ESG scores don’t always grow faster in the short term, but these companies are better able to plan for the future, navigate crises, and manage an effective workforce. Over time, looking at sustainability data is a way to manage risk.

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We’re taking the tools the financial industry created for institutional investors and giving them to you.

Our app is designed to help you find the companies that agree with your values and help you make money in the long run. We help you see the big picture of how a company is doing in sustainability and in the markets, allowing you to decide for yourself what your vision of a sustainable future looks like.

At UnifyImpact, sustainable investing means finding investments that benefit people, the planet, and your bottom line.

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